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I'm a descendant of cave dwellers

The Human League - Don't You Want Me


The Human League - Don’t You Want Me

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One more

One more

From “perfect365” #perfect365

Soapy Bucket

I cannot stand to wander through this paint splattered museum at one a.m. any longer. The chanting guards reverberate their way through another aimless shift. However, I prefer to push my mop under the Picassos in silence. I’m tired of drifting like a beluga w/o a gps. 
Occasionally I come across a nickel waiting to be adopted. I retrieve it & give it a new home in my khakis.
I often stare at my reflection in the soapy bucket & imagine the dark image in the murky water to be framed by a halo. The handle of my mop converts into a shepherd’s staff & I lead my congregation of masterpieces pass the gates of Hades. The famine of my imagination castigates my chosen profession until my 1:45 lunch break. A soggy peanut butter sandwich revives my soul.
I’m back to chasing dust bunnies around Dutch masters for another 4 hours. #meniallabor 

coffee cake

coffee cake is just an excuse to have cake for breakfast. #coffeecake